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In a world without limits, we ensure you stay connected at all times.

ROur experienced professionals with over 9 years of expertise can assist you in designing your new projects, current setups, or any essential technology needs involving Copper and Fiber optic systems. Structured Cabling forms the core of communication and teamwork within any organization. It ensures connections for Data, Voice, Audio-Visual tools, Security devices, and more.
If your IT team is preparing to set up a Structured Cabling System that can handle the latest high-speed network applications for your business, we are the ideal partners. We specialize in planning, designing, installing, and managing such networks.
A well-designed Structured Cabling System boosts operational time and maximizes the value of your investment while keeping operational costs low. Having an experienced partner to guide you is highly valuable. We are here to assist you in creating the perfect Structured Cabling Solution that meets your organization's business requirements.

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WireTree Computer Repair can build you a reliable, affordable computer network to meet your specific needs. Whether you're working from home, running a school, shop, office, or manufacturing company, we can help you stay connected.
Our experienced technicians can set up a secure and reliable wireless network at your home or office, allowing you to share files, printers, and other resources between as many devices as you want. We use only high-quality components and offer a guarantee on all new machines . Contact us today for a free consultation! We have two types of networking:

Home Networking.

WireTree Computer Repair & Networking boasts a world-class team of network specialists capable of efficiently managing wireless networks throughout the Delhi NCR region. We excel in creating swift and secure networks that effortlessly address any home network-related concerns you may encounter. Our computer network and repair experts utilize top-quality, cost-effective products and employ the best practices to optimize your home network.

Remote Support.

If you encounter any computer or laptop issues, such as software problems involving MS Office, Excel, Outlook setup, or software installations, don't hesitate to reach out to Wiretree Computer Repair & Networking. We offer remote assistance, allowing us to access your system securely and swiftly resolve any issues you may be facing.

Building Stronger Connections

Unlocking the Power of Passive Networking

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Firewall & VPN Solutions

We provide personalized VPN solutions for people working from far away. This comes with strong security (like locking with a strong code), setting up from afar, constant support at all times, and affordable ways to make everything work together easily.

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Secured Wi-Fi Solutions

WireTree gives you a completely taken care of and safe office Wi-Fi solution. This gives you really fast internet for your business and simple-to-handle wireless access points.

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Network Switching Solutions

At WireTree, we provide solutions for switching, network virtualization, and WAN optimization. These help manage advanced networks and IT networking needs.

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Passive Networking

Passive Networking creates the whole wiring setup for sending data, video, and voice between different places. It's like the foundation for information networks and serves as the starting point for building the whole information system plan.

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Active Networking

We're really good at offering the best LAN and WAN networking solutions. We do this by understanding how the network works with apps and systems to make things work well.

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EPX and IP phones.

When you use our IP phone service, your calls become much clearer and sharper. You'll hardly have any calls suddenly ending, delays, or slow responses. And, you can make international calls at rates similar to local ones.