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Welcome to WireTree, your comprehensive and cost-effective solution center for all laptop-related issues. Our professional team is dedicated to providing high-end, first-rate laptop repair and support services to businesses around the country. We customize to your individual needs with our easy onsite and remote repair alternatives.

We offer the flexibility to solve computer problems in the most effective method feasible, whether it's remote troubleshooting over the internet or sending our professional specialists to your location.

We provide an extensive amount of laptop repair services, which includes antivirus software installation, hardware upgrades, RAM and battery replacement, memory upgrades, wireless networking, system security testing, motherboard fault repair, LCD/screen replacement, water damage restoration, laptop hinge repair, wide range levels chip repair, hard drive errors, body fixing, and addressing keyboard or touchpad problems. Our dedication to simplicity and dependability guarantees that your laptop remains in good condition, ensuring that your computer constantly operates at its best.

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Screen Replacement

battery replacement

Battery Replacement

keyboard replacement

Keyboard Replacement

ssd replace

SSD Replacement

RAM replace

RAM Replacement

hinge replace

Hinge Replacement

chipe replace

Chip Level Repair

data recovery

Laptop Data Recovery

How It Works

How Our Service Center's Repair Process Works?

At WireTree, we provide extensive repair services for laptops, desktop computers, and a multitude of other digital devices all over Sri Lanka. Dive into the detailed process we follow for repairs at our dedicated service centers to understand how we ensure seamless and efficient solutions for your devices.

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Pickup Service

Before picking a device for repair, have to provide personal information and clearly classify the issue. After that, Your order will be verified via email, and a delivery partner will pick up the device at your chosen location.

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Inspection Of Your Device

The delivery partner will pick up your device, inspect it, and inform you of the issue and the estimated repair cost. After receiving confirmation, technicians will begin working on the device.

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Repair Of Your Device

Your device will be picked up by the delivery partner, inspected, and you will be informed about the issue and the estimated repair cost. Technicians will begin working on the device once they have received confirmation.

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Device Back To You

After the quality check, we will hand over the device to our delivery partner, who will have it at your door in one to two days, depending on where you are. It has been accomplished! In contrast to how it was given to you, your device will be in significantly better condition when it is returned.

Laptop Repair

Sri Lankan Laptop Repair And Maintenance Services

  • 90-day warranty on spare parts
  • High-quality laptop repairs performed by experienced service technicians
  • Safe and simple laptop repair service at home
  • With tech help, antivirus, and repair support included in the annual plan.
  • 30-day warranty on service
  • Our engineer will inspect your laptop, identify the problem, and then make suggestions for the best way to proceed.
  • wiresms Laptop Repair The price of spare parts, should they be required, is not included in the laptop repair service.
  • Laptop servicing involves cleaning it thoroughly including RAM, connectors and keypad.
  • wiresms Laptop RepairServices for performance improvement including defragmenting the disk, clearing the cache, updating the drivers, and testing the booting speed are also offered. They assist in addressing typical laptop problems like slowness
  • Covered operating systems: Windows and Mac.
  • wiresms Laptop Repair Software prices that are not covered by the service.
  • wiresms Laptop Repair Only supported for Genuine OS installations.
  • Software costs are not covered by the service.
  • wiresms Laptop Repair Only authentic software installations are supported.
  • wiresms Laptop Repair Operation system installation not supported
  • Unlimited remote technical assistance for any problems or one year.
  • Complete breakdown protection with labor and service fees included. Should they be required, spare components will be invoiced separately.
  • Complimentary Antivirus
  • Included: System setup and software support
WireTree Solutions

Repair & Solutions


Onsite Computer/Laptop Repair & Services

WireTree.lk is committed to providing onsite computer and laptop repair services at your home or office. Our dedicated and professional engineers assist you in making informed decisions about repair or replacement solutions tailored to your specific needs. We offer a wide range of computer repair services that address various issues you may encounter in your day-to-day computing needs.
We offer repair and maintenance services for a wide variety of computer brands, including but not limited to HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Sony VAIO, and Samsung. Trust WireTree.lk for comprehensive, reliable, and efficient computer repair solutions.

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Laptop Motherboard Repairing Service

The motherboard is undoubtedly the vital component in your laptop, as it connects and stores major hardware components like the processor, RAM, and hard drive. However, with time and regular usage, issues may arise. If you encounter problems with your laptop's motherboard, there's no need to rush into buying a new computer.
Besides to a common opinion, laptop motherboards can be repaired. Instead of immediately considering purchasing a new device, reach out to wiretree.lk and let our experts examine your laptop's motherboard. Our skilled technicians will assess the issue and provide the best possible solutions to get your laptop up and running smoothly again. Avoid unnecessary expenses and explore the repair options with wiretree.lk.

laptop parts

Laptop Part Replacement Service

Indeed, replacing laptop hardware may be a difficult process that must be approached with carefully. Individuals who are unfamiliar with the subtleties of hardware or have limited understanding should seek the advice of specialists. You may guarantee that the performance of your PCs is optimized by doing so.
At our service center, we keep an up-to-date inventory of extra hardware components that have been carefully selected in order to improve the performance of your devices. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in picking the appropriate upgrades that will meet your requirements and provide obvious improvements in the capabilities of your laptop. You may be confident that your computer will perform optimally with our skilled guidance and high-quality hardware alternatives.

Computer repair at your door


Searching for a nearby computer repair shop can be challenging. It's crucial to find trustworthy technicians who can diagnose hardware issues and handle software installations. Key factors to consider include experienced staff, a variety of services, and work warranties. Using online searches or asking for recommendations can narrow down options. Ensure you inquire about their experience, warranties offered, and the tenure of their business. Proper research can lead to quality service at a good value.Experiencing computer troubles and need a dependable repair service nearby? Several companies provide at-home computer repair, adept at resolving hardware, software, or virus issues. They offer a spectrum of services like data recovery and network maintenance. So, when seeking a proficient computer repair close to you, choose a professional committed to excellence.

My desktop keeps overheating: why and what to do?

Desktop computers can experience overheating due to various factors, including dust accumulation in the fans, inadequate cooling, and poor airflow. Components like the CPU and graphics card generate significant heat, which, if not properly managed, can lead to overheating. Even the power supply can contribute to heat buildup if not adequately ventilated. To prevent overheating issues, it's essential to regularly clean the fans, ensure proper airflow and ventilation, and use high-quality fans and heat sinks. In search of a computer repair home service near your location? Look no further! Our professionals are here to offer quick and convenient repairs for laptops and desktops. We provide same-day service, allowing you to resume work promptly. With skilled technicians and quality parts, your device is in capable hands. Additionally, competitive rates and flexible scheduling make it easy to get the assistance you require. join with us and resolve your tech problems swiftly and affordably.

My desktop keeps overheating: why and what to do?

  • computer makes noise while running.
  • Desktop Boots but won't launch windows.
  • No sound corning from desktop.
  • Desktop Boots but won't launch windows.
  • No sound corning from desktop.
  • Motherboard Chip level Repair service.
  • Computer shuts down or freezes dead.
  • UPS Battery Problem.
  • System setup and software support.
  • Overheating problems in desktop.
  • Desktop Keeps Restarting.
  • Printer won't print, printer not connecting.
  • Virus, Malware, Spyware Removal Service.
  • Desktop slow performance and slow internet.
  • OS Installation (No Pirated).
  • Windows Blue Screen Error.
  • Installed Program isn't working on PC.
  • Desktop slow performance and slow internet.
  • LCD broken replacement.
  • UPS Battery Replace (Online UPS).

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